Test d'un groupe électrogène LOXAM avec un banc de charge 500KW

Power generator: some preventive actions

Like barrier actions, an power generator must be secured, because at low load, the risks This is why the connection between the generator set and the load bank, and the associated tests, match perfectly.
Some explanations…

First of all, make sure that your electrical installations are working properly

Just like a car, it is the maintenance and technical inspection that ensure the proper running of the vehicle and protect it from possible damage. The same is true for a generator set connected to a load bank to ensure preventive technical maintenance.

Test d'un groupe électrogène LOXAM avec un banc de charge 500KW
Test of a LOXAM power generator set with a 500KW load bank

Better prevention during periods of low-load operation

During a drop or a stop in your production, there might be a risk when your activity starts up again. You should expect this recovery to be quick and sharp. If your generators have not been properly maintained, they will not stand the shock!

Power generator rental companies, if your activity is at a complete stop, you must still run the machine park in order to maintain it. It is the use of load banks, which will allow a maintenance both preventive by reducing the risks of failure and curative by maintaining your equipment at nominal performances.

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The generator/load bank combination: For ever!

Your equipment has an investment cost. A drop in your activity has severe consequences on your profitability. Do not take the risk of adding financial charges. Choose safety.

KVA Applications teams are at your disposal to study your needs and constraints. An adapted and long-lasting offer will be proposed to you, surely less expensive in the long term than an irreversible breakage or major repairs.

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