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Load or unload banks for the shipping
and offshore oil and gas industry

Maritime applications demand optimum service delivery and load banks suited to heavy constraints.

Load banks specifically suited to maritime constraints

Whether in terms of functionality, technical characteristics or marine environment related constraints, KVA can offer load banks able to meet the challenges of the shipping and the offshore oil industry.

The specificities of load banks in the shipping and offshore oil and gas industry

Maintenance of generators: a key point of equipment reliability

They also enable to carry out the indispensable tests on the thermal engines.

KVA designs load banks for the on-board generator test. Designed to comply with marine standards (voltage, frequency), KVA Applications products also integrate environmental constraints (humidity, saline atmosphere, compactness, …)

Load banks meeting the heavy onboard space constraints

The space available onboard vessels and oil rigs is extremely limited. The KVA bank, with its resistive elements shielded in stainless steel, offers an attractive power / footprint ratio while promising an excellent resistance to the saline environment.

Discharging banks for battery packs

The systematic presence of batteries on board vessels or submarines requires constant maintenance. The battery packs must be regularly discharged. KVA discharging banks enable you to work at either constant power or constant current, depending on usage.


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