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100kW portable resistive load bank

NEW! Lightweight, efficient and easy to handle, the 100kW load bank is the ideal companion for generator experts (maintainers, rentals…) It allows any type of load testing of generators or inverters. Only 35kg and equipped with wheels and designed to be operated by a single person : it easily fits into a trunk!


100kW portable charging bench

Ideal for small power generators testing and inverters

The 100kW load bank

  • for the maintenance of your generators or other power supplies
  • to check the proper functioning of your generators by simulating actual charging conditions
  • Displaying all useful information: measurement of power, frequency, current …
  • Possible indoor use, provided sufficient ventilation
  • a secure and simplified tune: no need for electrical clearance to perform your maintenance

The only 100kW loadbank that can be manipulated by a single person

that fits in the trunk of a car

It is therefore the ideal companion for the regular maintenance of your generators.

Key features and options

  • Active power from 100kW to 400 Vac
  • Horizontal forced ventilation,
  • External power supply or on the power circuit,
  • Control system with push buttons
  • Delivered in a case with reinforced protection
  • Equipped with a handle and mounted on castors
  • Low noise fan
  • Display of power, frequency and current measurements
  • Export of testing data
Portable 100kW resistive load bank

100kW in three-phase

2kW resolution

33kW monophase

0.67kW resolution

35 kg

One of the lightest 100kW load bank on the market!

Running up to 420 Vac

Rated voltage 400 Vac /
Maximum voltage 420 Vac


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