100kW portable charging bench

New! The portable 100kW load bank: for easy maintenance of small generators and inverters

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This is the news of KVA Applications,which enriches its range with the 100 kW portable load bank. For renters and maintainers of power generators, it will simply revolutionize the regular maintenance of low-power generators and inverters. As compact as it is easy to use, it fits in the trunk of a car, and is handled by one person. Small and strong, its performance is equal to the greatest. Try it, will surely adopt it. Presentation.

KVA Applications portable 100kW charging bench
KVA Applications’s portable 100kW resistive load bank for testing small generators and small power inverters

Compact and lightweight, the 100kW Applications is manipulable by one person, and fits into the trunk of a car

Easily transportable in its protected suitcase,it is equipped with a handle and mounted on wheels.

It is the lightest load bank on the market with 35 kg. Equipped with a handle, mounted on wheels and delivered in a reinforced protective suitcase, it will become the ideal companion of the experts of the generator (maintainers, renters …).

To slip into the trunk of a car, only one person will be enough to handle it and thus ensure the regular maintenance of small generators and inverters.

A significant easy bet to check the proper functioning of your generators by simulating the conditions of actual charges.




Performance and efficiency, guaranteeing simplified load tests for all

Measuring power,   frequency,   current … The 100kW load bank displays all the useful information you need and exports test data for better performance of your electrical installations.

From an active power of 100kW to 420 Vac (Rated Tension 400 Vac /
Maximum voltage 420 Vac), it has a secure and simplified connection. Now you don’t need electrical clearance     to do maintenance!

Totally adaptable, it can be used indoors, subject to sufficient ventilation.

The 100kW load bank is also ..

  • A forced horizontal ventilation,
  • An external power supply or on the power circuit,
  • A control system with push buttons,
  • A silent fan

The teams of KVA Applications, have thought for you, this 100kW load bank, useful for your regular maintenance. 

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