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KVA Applications :
Manufacturer of load banks

Over two decades of studying, designing, manufacturing and selling load banks

A load bank manufacturer at the service of users

KVA Applications was founded in 1992 to manufacture, rent and sell load banks in response to a growing French demand requiring ever more efficient and personalized banks.
The rental of load banks manufactured by KVA Applications currently leads to numerous purchase requests. Such customers, sometimes requiring very specific products, have enabled the company to develop both a range of standard products – especially for rental companies – and custom-made banks.
The quality and performance of the banks and the efficiency of the after-sales service have built the reputation of KVA Applications.

An identity relying on technical mastery

KVA Applications manufactures mainly resistive load and discharge banks to test and validate the operation of power generators. The company controls the entire operating chain: study, design, manufacture, sales, after-sales services.
The core of the product consists of standardized elements that allow the development of a wide range of sizes (footprint) and power resolutions.
The choice of KVA Applications is based on high-end criteria with products whose quality is widely recognized on the market.
Since its inception, KVA Applications has strived to meet the specific demands of users. In 2011, the company obtained the ISO 9001 certification.

Close to all clients, on diversified markets

KVA Applications responds to the increasing demands of secure energy, especially on the side of the operators or manufacturers of inverters (30 KW, 200 KW, 600 KW).

The company quickly turned to the generator market, ensuring a rise in its standard products up to 750 KW. A great diversity of users call upon KVA Applications: rental companies, maintenance companies, energy producing or distributing industries, industries needing secure energy supply, etc.
Attentive to changing needs, the company supports the development of its customers in France and internationally (Kiloutou, RATP, EDF, Bouygues, Schneider …).

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