KVA Applications:
load banks manufacturer

More than two decades of activity in the study, design, manufacturing
and the sale of load banks/discharge load banks

KVA Applications: a service-friendly delivery for users

In 1992, KVA Applications enters the load bank market with a decidedly comprehensive offer: the manufacture and customization of the load banks according to customer needs.

Initially, the offer was primarily for service delivery. It was so successful that it quickly evolved solely towards sales.
For example, KVA Applications offers a range of standard load banks for rental companies as well as a range of customed load banks.

The quality and performance of the load banks and the efficiency of the after sale service have established the reputation of KVA Applications.

On January 1, 2021, RESISTEL and KVA Applications merge. A new legal entity has been born: RESISTEL – KVA Applications, to offer a full range of load banks and position themselves as a market leader. Discover RESISTEL

An identity based on technical mastery

KVA Applications manufactures essentially resistive load banks and discharge load banks to test the operation of electric generators. The company controls the entire operating chain: study, design, manufacturing, sales, after-sales service.

Standardized elements form the core of the product and allow the development of a wide range of sizes (clutter) and power resolutions.

The choice of KVA Applications is based on high-end criteria with products whose quality is widely recognized by the market.

Since its inception, KVA Applications has been developing its ability to respond to specific user requests. In 2011, the company obtained ISO 9001 certification.

Alongside each customer, in diverse markets

KVA Applications responds to increasing demands for secure energy, particularly from inverter operators or manufacturers (30 KW, 200 KW, 600 KW).

The company quickly turned to the generator market, ensuring a ramp-up of its standard products up to 750 KW.

It is therefore a wide variety of users that is addressed to KVA Applications: renters, maintainers, industrial energy producers or distributors, industrialists who need a secure energy supply, etc.

Listening to changing needs, the company supports the development of its customers (Kiloutou, RATP, EDF, Bouygues, Schneider…) in France and internationally.

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