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The rack-mounted load bank

To test the entire power line of a data center,
from the source through to the computer bay, an option mastered by KVA Applications.

banc de charge rackable pour data center

Both data security and reassurance of a continued service are paramount in data centers.

 The rack-mounted bank (which fits into a server rack) can simulate the consumption of a server and therefore test simultaneously the good power supply (including when switching from the mains supply to the UPS and backup generators), and the evacuation through the air conditioning systems, of the heat generated.
These tests are done almost systematically during the commissioning of the data centers, before the installation of the servers. Hundreds of rack-mounted banks or servers simulators are sometimes needed to perform these tests on large data centers.

Main features and options

Wide standard range, short delays, mobility, programming and remote control options,
finishing, decorating, protection cover…

télécommande bancs de charge

5 to 21 kW

A power for each
computer bay

Δ Temp.

A resolution
suited to your needs

Track A – Track B

Manual, through an operator,
Automatic (ballast-shedding)
Preprogrammed power cycle

4 banks

Control of 4 banks through a single remote control

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