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Emergency systems

Load banks
to test electric power generators for backup and emergency systems

A particularly sensitive area: testing the power generators of emergency systems,
to ensure the continuity of the power supply

Discharge banks to check the batteries capacity

Direct current is highly present in specific applications and embedded systems, through batteries. Depending on the different technologies it is necessary to discharge them regularly to check the capacity of these batteries. There are a lot more regulations than for AC, so KVA Applications accompanies you by designing the right product for your required voltages and amperages.

Load banks can be used in three
complementary ways

To ensure permanent operability

Emergency power generators work sporadically when there is a power failure. It is therefore necessary to maintain them regularly so that they are operational when the time comes. Proper operation of backup batteries and generators becomes essential in the event of an electrical failure. The intermittent or permanent coupling of these generators to a KVA Applications load bank is therefore essential to regularly check their readiness.

To respect regulations for the safety of public institutions

In France, the fire regulations for tower blocks open to public impose recurrent tests of backup power supplies, and require to be:

  • Monthly;
  • At 50% of the rated power of the source (dimensioned for the supply of all the building backup systems);
  • For 30 minutes ;
  • With automatic start.

KVA Applications assists you in testing your backup power generators.

A load bank for each backup system

While staff safety has been the driving force behind these regulations, the same logic can apply to sites where power failures could lead to significant financial losses: data centers, high-volume production lines, large-scale farming. Let us mention the power failure suffered by Delta Airlines in 2016, having grounded the entire fleet for a dozen hours because the emergency generators were unable to carry out their mission.


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