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Load banks
that meet the constraints of aeronautics

 KVA Applications has a solid experience in testing generators
used in aerospace (aircraft and helicopters) subject to specific electrical standards

Load banks for the voltages and frequencies specific to aeronautics

It is absolutely necessary to ensure the proper functioning of an aircraft’s electrical network and perfect tuning in test labs prior to flight tests. The importance of flight safety requires the use of highly reliable and operational equipment. The load banks designed and manufactured by KVA fully assume their role of validation for these high-tech equipment, before boarding or during maintenance operations.

In that respect, we manufactured the electrical test banks for the validation of the A380 as well as the Tiger helicopter, requiring a custom-made equipment:

  • Alternative frequency;
  • Combined with DC components;
  • Aeronautics connectors;
  • Atypical power levels;

Use of load banks
in aeronautics

Specific resizing of load banks

The skin effect, that is to say the flow of electric current to the surface of the components, and not over their entire section, becomes a real constraint when increasing the frequency. At 400 Hz, this effect imposes the resizing of all elements of the load bank, which is the core business of KVA Applications.

A test bank for runway generator sets (GPU)

Runway generators provide ground power to aircraft for economic as well as ecological purposes, taking over from APUs. The availability of these generator sets is therefore crucial to minimize the downtime of the aircraft on the ground. Regular tests on our 400Hz specific load bank help to ensure the proper functioning of these generators.

Discharge banks for continuous components of aeronautics

Each aircraft has a DC circuit as well as backup batteries, which must be tested, during manufacture or during regular maintenances, via a discharge bank. These tests are intended to ensure the proper functioning of the emergency and security systems.


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