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Power generators

Load banks to control
the operation of power generators

For permanent and efficient maintenance of all types of generators

Why pair a load bank with your power generator?

A generator is a heat engine associated with an alternator that generates an alternating current. The coupling to a load bank allows to test it, to validate its power, to regularly defoul it, or to weight it, according to how it has been used. The proper operation of the generating set and its performance over time depend highly on the regularity of these tests.

The load bank can be used for generators
in three complementary ways

Testing a gen set to make sure it is still able to deliver its full power.

Whether it is a rarely used emergency gen set tested on a monthly basis, or a rental one that returns or goes out for rental and whose owner wants to prove the proper functioning to his client, the full load test is the only guarantee of a generator’s good functioning and power handling, without cutting or disrupting the network with real tests.
Indeed, many faults and failures occur only at full load, a vacuum test would not be able to diagnose them while further fouling the power generator.

Maintaining a power generator that runs very often at low load.

At low load an engine does not reach its optimum operating temperature, the engine gets clogged or suffers from ‘wet stacking’. Therefore it is necessary, after a long period of low load, to “clean” the engine by running it at least at 80% of its rated capacity for several hours.
The load bank also allows the engine to be run in after some heavy maintenance.

Weighting a power generator that is intended to run for long periods at low load.

A load bank with weighting option is able to measure the power supplied on the network and trigger the resistance notches required to achieve a minimum power of 30% to 50% of the gen set rated capacity.
The generator then operates in its right temperature range, with a better yield while limiting fouling issues.

Generators are everywhere!

Most of the time, a load bank is used to test a power generator. Load banks are intended for numerous generator users: energy consumer or industrial producers, but also installers, rental or maintenance companies, etc.


Industrial generators:
a variety of load banks suited to every need

Each type or use of generating sets requires a proper load bank. Whether the generator runs regularly, is coupled to a supplier’s network, works only occasionally, or needs weighting so as not to run empty, there is a specific load bank to meet your specific situations.

KVA studies your requirements and provides the most appropriate load bank.


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