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The tunnel load bank

To test, ballast or maintain as accurately as possible the temperature of generators,
the tunnel load bank is the solution

Investigating technical efficiency

When the installation constraints do not allow the installation of the load bank close enough to the generator or when access is limited, we can reduce the load bank to its simplest expression: a network of resistors specially sized to integrate with an existing ventilation:

  • The ventilation of the generator, by placing the load bank against the radiator of the gen set. This is the most frequent application;
  • A technical ventilation duct, in the case of a building for example, where the tunnel bank can be placed at the exit of an exhaust duct for the building’s polluted air, or any other ducts with a good flow of air.

A cost-effective and space-saving solution:

Without its motor-fan group, the bank gains in compactness, reliability and cost. Our team is there to validate the technical feasibility according to your dimensions and air flow needed for the evacuation of calories.

A weather friendly resistance technology:

Our resistive elements are encapsulated in a stainless steel tub and can be exposed to rain without running any electrical risks.

Main features and options

Wide standard range, short delays, mobility, programming and remote control options,
finishing, decorating, protection cover.

banc de charge ballaste

6 to 900 kW

Wide power range

2 m / s or more

Suitable for
any air flows



a minimum power
on the generator


With or without
control cabinet

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