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The specific load bank

In response to your requests and to evolving regulations,
KVA Applications manufactures reactive load banks: inductive and resistive, solely inductive,
capacitive and resistive, solely capacitive, …

We also provide dummy load solutions to maintain safe minimum load on a genset.

Banc de charge sur mesure pour A380

Products are adjusted when necessary:

To meet specific requirements, KVA Applications can make modifications to their products to adapt them to the various constraints of the customers: environment, protection, metrology and recording of data, specific or local norms.

Dummy load bank is necessary to maintain safe minimum load on a generator in order to maximize its lifetime. A genset working a too low power for a long period of time will damage it self. A dummy load will keep the generator at proper temperature, fuel speed in the pipes ensuring the cleanest operation.

Reactive load banks to correct the apparent power supplied by your generators

In addition to the range, KVA Applications manufactures various types of reactive load banks: inductors or condensers are coupled to the resistors, in particular to correct the reactive power or to regulate the cos Phi.

Inductive and capacitive load banks for full load test or phase shift correction

Among reactive load banks there are:

  • Inductive banks composed of resistors and inductances,
  • Self-inductive banks composed of inductances,
  • Capacitive banks composed of condensers

They help lower or increase the value of the phase difference between the mains voltage and the current absorbed by the installation, but they also help the alternators full load test.

Several examples:

  • A plant with many electric motors, and so having an inductive consumption, may wish to correct the phi cosine of its installation in order to avoid paying electrical overloads to its energy supplier;
  • On a construction site, the cable lengths laid to transport the gen set electricity to the machines act as condensers which decrease the maximum power available on the generators;
  • In an alternator manufacturing or repair shop, it is essential to check the alternator’s resistance to reactive powers that can generate large temperature increases in the windings.

Container banks, to increase the capacity of load banks

When it is required to test very high loads, up to 10,000 KW, KVA Applications offers modular or custom-made integrated solutions.

Main features and options

Wide standard range, short delays, mobility, programming and remote control options
finishing, painting, protection cover …

pilotage bancs de charge

400 kW

Aeronautical Standard
or any other frequency range

0 to 460 V AC or DC

Continuous or alternating voltage
for all your standards

Cos φ

Power factor on demand,
fixed or variable


Custom-made control system
For any type of particular application

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