A tailor-made support service
dedicated to load bank users

KVA Applications accompanies each customer from the study through to the maintenance
of their load banks

An after-sales service, fully part of KVA Applications’ DNA

KVA Applications develops services to facilitate the use of load banks and to raise awareness to specific regulations, particularly in terms of safety. We offer the following services:

  • Pre-project study;
  • On-site installation and commissioning;
  • Operator training;
  • Any maintenance and modification operation (retrofit);
  • Other, on request.

We accompany you on a pre-project study

If you need an electric load for a complex project, we can accompany you on a pre-defined period of time to establish the specifications closer to your needs.

On-site and alongside you, we install the load bank and service it

Our team will come on site to complete the installation and all connections. We work alongside you to set up the load bank and forward the basic information for its safe use.

Operator training: an increasingly essential service

The users of our load banks come from very different trades and are not all trained in the manipulation of electrical powers and the testing of generators. Therefore, the training of the future operators of KVA products becomes essential for a safe use of the load/discharging banks and their functionalities. Our staff come to train you on both the theory and the practice, and on specific aspects at your request: safety, generator test, ballasting, data processing, …

Maintenance and improvement of the bank to optimize your investment

After-sales service is an essential added value of our offer. KVA Applications offers an onsite load bank maintenance service in order to safeguard their capacities to the maximum, without interruption of service.
The KVA Applications load bank is a robust and reliable equipment, however, it is essential to carry out certain checks (safety, isolation, etc …), changes of wear parts and replacements of damaged parts (fan filters, cable glands, resistors, switches …).
Finally, we continually enhance our products to produce new features in order to either ease the workload of users, or go further in the exploitation of the equipment. Therefore, we can offer you, on a case-by-case basis, modifications or retrofits, additions of accessories and options.

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