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The discharge load bank

To test direct current gen sets for power, capacity and reliability

test de décharge de batterie

Discharge banks to check the capacity of the batteries

Direct current is highly present in specific applications and embedded systems, through batteries.

Depending on the different technologies, it is necessary to discharge them regularly to check the capacity of these batteries. There are a lot more regulations than for AC, and KVA Applications accompanies you by designing the right product for your required voltages and amperages.

A question of security

For any type of battery, especially lithium-ion, during transportation, and for safety reasons, it is important to discharge the battery (electrification-electrocution by direct contact, production of sparks, etc.)


Improved battery life

Some technologies, such as lead acid or nickel Cadmium, and even lithium, are sensitive to the effect of memory which can reduce their capacity, so the discharge bank is a relevant solution to reduce this effect and increase their lifetime, producing both economical and environmental benefits.

Main features and options

Wide standard range, short delays, mobility, programming and remote control options,
finishing, decorating, protection cover…

pilotage bancs de charge

0 to 410 VDC

An extended range
of voltages by bank
(extension by serialization)

P or I

Current control
or constant power


discharge data
for curves and analyses

U min

Discharge stops
when battery voltage is low

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