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Low load profile: what impacts on my power generator ?

At less than 30% of its capacity, the performance of an engine drops and the risk of damage appears. Is it serious that my generator set runs slowly in uninterrupted service? The answer is YES. A genset is not designed to operate at low loads.

Without a load bank and faced with low power: two major risks for a POWER generator

The engine will produce white smoke and a lot of polluting emissions, because at low load it does not heat up enough and the diesel only burns partially. In the short term, the risks can be minimized but the effects are undeniable in the long term.

test de groupe electrogène
Testing a generator set with a KVA Applications load bank

Indeed, when you encounter a drop in load on your installation for a variety of reasons, low power operation can create several problems:

  • Increase of oil consumption

The use of loadbanks therefore enables preventive maintenance and improves the performance of your installations.

  • Early deterioration of multiple components

Goal: to extend the service life of a electrical equipment as a generator used under load over long periods because at low load the engine does not reach its optimum operating temperature and it clogs up (Resistive load bank + generator set), to test the endurance of an inverter little used on which the battery has lost its autonomy (Resistive and capacitive load bank + inverter).

Emergency and prevention situations: the load bank is the solution. Why?

The test bench / load bank operates on your equipment, in emergency and prevention situations, in order to :

  • test
  • maintain
  • ballast

> Find out more about the functions of loadbanks .

A generator set is part of your production system and is an investment. Among your priorities, you should :

  • Secure your installation
  • Avoid breakage or severe breakdown
  • Make your investment profitable

KVA Applications: a wide range of load banks adapted to your needs

Whether you are a generator rental, installation or maintenance company, do not put yourself at risk because of an inappropriate use of your equipment compared to what its design requires. The load bank allows you to control the operation of your power generators and therefore contribute to the profitability of your investment.
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